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last updated 26-sep-15

About the Gary Bowling Studio website:


One of the more daunting challenges that we have always faced is dealing with frequent and varied inquiries about me, my art career, and requests for reference images of my art.  Through the ‘80s and early ‘90s we provided portfolios, artist’s statements, resumes, and other documents on paper.  During the ‘90s and into the early 2000s we assembled document files and images on CD disks to fulfill requests.  Art dealers, patrons, and others had a sincere interest in perusing my career related information; and I had a significant interest in making information more accessible.  However, slide sheets and CDs were not an effective way to make information available to most people other than those who were patient and had a dedicated interest in my work.                   


In 2004 or ’05 Danielle Creech, a friend, approached Linda and I with a proposal to design a website for us as part of a graduate school project she was involved with.  Art websites were not common at that time, and I really could not imagine how it could work.  I soon came to imagine that this could be THE way to make the stuff we were always spending time physically assembling and delivering available to anyone with access to a computer and internet connection.   It was clear that we needed an information site, and did not want a website designed to market my art. (I prefer to leave most aspects of art sales and marketing to the art galleries representing me, and favor focusing my attention on creating art.)  We wanted the site content to be as accessible as we could make it. It needed to be simple for people to discover the information they were interested in:  images of available work, where my work could be seen, basic biographical information. We knew there would need to be some text type information on the site, but wanted it to be as visual and image rich as possible.                     


It took many months, a fair amount of trial and error, expectation adjustments, and tons of page code refinements (those were the days when almost everything was hand coded); but Danielle managed to built a remarkable website presence for us. Eventually, the site evolved away from most of the original code, but its original intent to be an information site about our art has not changed. As new facilitating applications such as Adobe Dreamweaver came on the scene, Linda and I became able to do most of the site maintainance and updating ourselves.                    


We are pleased that a guest can visit briefly, then leave; or a more inquisitive visitor can explore our art and our creative lives in some detail, getting more images and information than we ordinarily would be able to convey by other means. Some visitors may want to expdite the process of seeing what work we have available with art dealers. They can click on the “Dealer Links” on this page to get right down to business.                    


Gary and Linda Bowling